Nexus 2KVA 24V PWM PCU

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Nexus 2KVA 24V PWM PCU

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  1. One Nexus 2KVA 24V PWM PCU


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Nexus Solar

Model 2KVA 24V PWM PCU
Nominal Battery Voltage 24V
PV Input 1400Wp
No.load Output Voltage 230V+-2%
Full Load DC Current 55A+-1.0A
Full Load O/P Voltage >_180V
Output voltage Waveform Pure Sine Wave
PWM Charge Controller 50A
Input Ac Voltage(Normal) 90V-290V+-2%
Input AC Voltage (UPS Mode) 145V-260V+-2%
Change over time(Maximum) <_7msec
Grid Charging Current 14.5A+_1.0A
Default Boost Voltage 28.8V+_0.2V
Float Voltage 27.4V+-0.2V
AVR Range in Mains Mode 30% Extra 180V AC
Battery low Alarm 21.2V+_0.2V
Default Battery Low Cut 20.4V+-0.2V
Overload Protection >_56A+_1.0A
Short-Circuit Protection Yes
Thermal Protection >_95'C
PV Reverse Protection Yes
Grid MCB/Fuse Trip Yes
Max Panel Support(parallel) 200Watt



  • Model VA & Capacity                                            
  • Battery Voltage
  • PV Charging Current
  • Grid I/P Voltage
  • Grid Charging Current
  • AC Output Voltage
  • Discharging Current
  • Load Percentage
  • Mode UPS/Normal 
  • Battery Status
  • PV Status
  • Grid Status
  • Load Status
  • Consumed PV Power
  • Instant PV Power
  • Thermal trip
  • PV Reverse
  • Short-Circuit
  • Battery Low/High
  • Grid MCB/fuse Trip
  • Battery Overload trip



  1. Dual Source of Charging From Solar Power as well as from Grid Power.
  2. Power Card with inbuilt PWM Based Solar Charge Controller of 50A for maximum utilization of solar power.
  3. Intelligently selection of battery boost voltage to avoid unnecessary heating of the battery during charging.
  4. Intelligently selection of battery low shutdown for longer backup according to load conditions.
  5. Regular priority of solar power to give maximum benefits from solar energy to run the load or charge the battery.
  6. 30% AVR function below 180V Grid Input.
  7. All selection switches are on the front side, with no switch on the backside.
  8. Storage of Solar Power Consumed from the day of installation.
  9. CC & CV mode for every 0.1V increment of battery voltage.
  10. Maximum usage of solar power to minimize the electricity bill and be eco-friendly.
  11. Display Maximum and useful parameters on  LCD according to customers' needs.
  12. Pure Sine Wave output with fewer harmonic distortions.
  13. Double Stage MOSFET over current protection at priority.
  14. Thermal trip with auto recovery.
  15. Upgradeable to IOT Functioning.