Nexus 3KVA 24V Lithium PCU

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Nexus 3KVA 24V Lithium PCU

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Model 2200 VA
Output Voltage 225+5V Nominal
Running Load Batt. Current 66A+2A
Overload Battery Current 68A+2A
O/P Waveform Pure Sine wave
O/P Frequency 50.0+0.5Hz
Running bulb load 1600W
Low Battery alarm 20.8V+0.4V
Charging Current 20A+2A
Solar boost voltage 14.8+2V per battery
Re-tries during over load-Normal mode 4




  • The microcontroller-based design ensures high reliability & ruggedness.
  • Zero volts pick up: - Charges the deeply discharged battery also.
  • Auto charging: - Compatible with all Branded/Non-branded, Tubular/Flat Plate, Normal/ SMF batteries.
  • Automatic charging: - Adjusts charging cut-off voltage and current as per power cut duration, 
  • Gravity profile management: - Suitable for new/old batteries.
  • PFC technology: - Saves electricity with built-in energy saver.
  • Oscillation charging reduces charging bills by 75%.
  • The high-frequency technique is used to avoid computer rebooting.
  • Can run 1/2hp water pump on 900VA & above models.
  • Temperature guard: - If the internal temperature of UPS increases. beyond specified limits, a special sensor shutdown and thus protects the UPS.
  • The cooling fan installed inside reduces the operating temperature of the UPS, thus enhancing its performance and life.
  • Safety from double phase, short-circuit, phase reversal & accidental AC back feed.
  • Pulse by pulse current limiting with auto-reset resulting in efficient overload and short circuit protection.
  • Green mode: -UPS shut downs itself within 10 hrs. in backup mode if there are zero loads connected to it.
  • High surge capability (up to 300%) for starting heavy load.
  • Designer looks to suit your decor. User-friendly display.
  • Environment-friendly green product, no noise.